Happy 2016

The first day of the New Year will soon fade away into the annals of history.  There’s been plenty of well-wishing and resolution promising flowing through the social media conduits.  So, I wonder what I can add that hasn’t been more eloquently penned by someone wiser than I.  Only this, I can add my voice to yours, I can add my prayers to yours, I can add my support, and I can be your friend.

Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Whether applied to psychology, synergetics or humanity the message is the same.  Work together, be kind to one another, support your community, whether it’s the community in which you live, or the community in which you write.

Move forward into the New Year with your shiny new hopes and dreams, and your resolutions to do better.  If there are stumbling blocks, and there will be, embrace them and learn from them, then get up, dust yourself off and continue down this adventurous path we call—life.  For we get only one.

With a hopeful heart,

C.L. Etta