Spring’s new buds open

Weary minds and hearts rejoice

Nature’s renewal

Good morning from The Land of Enchantment. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. It’s been a long dry winter in my part of the country. Rain and snow fall are practically non-existent, the winds fill our air with dust and smoke from mountain fires. Despite the itchy eyes and hazy skies, there’s beauty in the season. Sunsets and sunrises bring us a gorgeous canvas of color in assorted hues of orange, red, yellow, and pink. The hummingbirds have returned, and robins are singing and nesting. Mr. E has been busy in the backyard, clearing away all the accumulated winter detritus. Soon I’ll be on the patio writing and plotting the next book.

Transcending Phoenix was released last month. I was very remiss, forgetting to include the book on this site. Phoenix is my first foray into science fiction erotica. It takes place on the fictional planet of Gemin, a world inhabited by the Mascs, Femmes, Heteros, and Sapphics. The populace adheres to the strict social mores of the world. Mascs are destined to rule and dominate, Femmes are shopkeepers and seminal depository attendants, Heteros are farmers and craftsmen, and the Sapphics live in the shadows.

What is a seminal depository attendant? They’re sperm banks, designated to house the seminal deposits of the Mascs until they’re needed for conception in the incubation chambers. The attendants are charged with collecting the deposits and ensuring their purity. The Mascs select their services from a menu of offerings.

Phoenix Ashe is destined to be the next mayor of his city and during Gemin’s twin moon solstice in the year he reaches his majority, tradition says he must make his seminal deposit. Tristan Faire is the supreme depository attendant and assigned to collect Phoenix’s ejaculatory deposit. He’s the best at his job, but with the haughty mayor-to-be awakens something inside him-the need to protect him. When something goes awry during Phoenix’s depository visit, Tristan is certain he’ll never see the Masc again.

Yet there is something about the irreverent Femme, that intrigues Phoenix and when he can no longer deny his attraction to Tristan, he seeks him out, leaving him to wonder if they can defy tradition and the Divinity. Masc for Masc and Femme for Femme—it’s the way of their world. But what about love? Does love possess the power to transcend the constrictions placed upon them?


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Today Mason and The Dog Wrangler was released. It’s a sweet short story I wrote in response to a call for an anthology that went by the wayside. Pride Publishing contracted with me to publish the manuscript complete with a lovely cover from the talented Emmy Ellis. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this love at first site tale of Mason, his daughter Nic and a special Dog Wrangler named Jeremy. Of course, let’s not forget the scruffy four-legged furball—Cinco.


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Until next time…