groundhog_memeHappy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil couldn’t find his shadow this morning which supposedly means an early Spring this year. Here in the Land of Enchantment, the robins are visiting my yard, the mourning doves are singing for their mates, and the skunks are perfuming the air while seeking their amour sincére. So, perhaps there’s something to this groundhog thing.

I came onto the website to announce my acceptance as a Featured Author to this year’s GayRomLit convention in October taking place in St. Louis. What I discovered is I haven’t updated the site since November 2018. So bad of me. Since then, I attended GRL here in Albuquerque where I had an awesome time signing autographs, meeting new people, and catching up with old acquaintances. I participated in my first reading and sold a few books.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. The matchup looks to be a good one between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco Forty-niners. It’s nice to see San Francisco back in the bowl again. I remember cheering for them during Joe Montana’s reign then Steve Young’s. Yes, I admit I am that old.

Speaking of San Francisco, do you realize my newest release, Remembrance and Renewal, takes place in San Francisco during the height of the AIDS crisis? (How about that for a segue?) It’s the story of four men whose lives entwine in 1985. Roger, at one time a dancer is dying. Jamie his young partner has turned caretaker. Charles Greyson, their deeply closeted attorney. Xander who comes to San Francisco intent on sowing his wild oats but instead has his plans detoured in the face of the deadly pandemic.

The book took me over a year to write. It’s not for the faint at heart. It’s not your typical romance but I hope you will give it a try. Remembrance and Renewal is available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Current works in progress include a fantasy written from a unicorn’s point of view not yet titled. The other is a contemporary romance between a disfigured auto accident victim and his childhood hero. I’m calling it Turn Around Look at Me.

Time to call it a night. The final two minutes of the game has caught my attention. You all have a wonderful week. I hope to see you in St. Louis.