Rembrance an Renewal ebook 2

San Francisco’s legendary promise of acceptance draws Xander Peters to its streets like a rainbow beacon. Despite his parents’ cruel rejection after coming out to them, he is hopeful of the future awaiting him there. Entranced with the sights and sounds of the city he is blissfully unaware of the dangers lurking behind the friendly faces.

Jamie Beck watches from the shadows of the bathhouse as a rowdy group of leather daddies try coercing the young twink inside. Unable to idly stand by while the men bait the naive teen, he steps into the crowd and rescues Xander from eminent danger.

When Jamie offers Xander the spare bedroom in exchange for help with his ailing partner, he jumps at the opportunity. He’s won the lottery—free room and board in trade for a few hours each day of caretaking.

However, the year is 1985 and the AIDS epidemic is relentless.

Charles Greyson has a gift for making money. He is a successful lawyer and he harbors a secret. His newest client has a penchant for finding trouble and it’s his job to keep the young activist out of jail. Greyson recognizes his attraction to the young man, but he has a legal obligation to fulfill, and his interest in Xander only impedes his need to stay closeted.

Over the course of three decades Remembrance and Renewal recounts the years AIDS savaged a generation. It is the story of one survivor’s journey toward the promise of love in a world left wary by the ravages of a pandemic.

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