Buenos dias from The Land of Enchantment.

It’s four-thirty in the morning and I’m up and ready to begin my day. But first there’s charging to be done. No, I’m not talking about shopping on credit, though that would be fun if I’d won the lottery and could pay the balances off in one swoop. Haven’t been there. Didn’t do that.

The kind of charging I’m talking about is the electronic variety. As I sit here at my laptop, which is always charged unless one of the pups loosens the cord, I’m grateful for its numerous USB ports.

Plugged into one are my new wireless headphones. I’ve begun driving to the mall before it opens to walk. It’s gotten very chilly here in the mornings. I have cold-induced and exercise-induced asthma so I go there to walk where it’s warm. I use audio books to keep me company and the wireless headphones allow me to swing my arms for maximum benefit. Nothing like the superlative talents of Michael Lesley, Joel Leslie and Greg Tremblay to keep you company.

Plugged into another port is my vape which I use with CBD oil to keep my aches and pains in check as I walk. I may have mentioned this on FB, but the oil I use is called Unicorn Blood. Now blood and unicorns are not something I want to think about. Unicorns… maybe. Well, since I have a WIP (work-in-progress for the uninitiated) told from the viewpoint of a unicorn, I do in fact think about them frequently.

To my left charging on the lamp table is my trusty Kindle filled with hundreds of books and dozens yet to be read. In front of me, plugged into a spare outlet is the iPhone. It’s amazing how we’ve evolved as technology has advanced. Today, we’re lost without our gadgets plugging in and charging them has become a daily ritual.

On the writing front, things are progressing at snails pace. As mentioned above, I’m working on a fantasy novella about a unicorn named Brendan. I started writing it when I became depressed writing another book chronically the life of a young man living in San Francisco through the eighties. Remembrance and Renewal is the tentative title and it’s about three quarters done. But writing about a gay man living through the AIDS pandemic takes an emotional toll, which is why it’s taken me longer than my usual to finish it. There are three others in the works, but the plots are still fuzzy in my mind, so they’re on the backburner for now.

Unless inspiration strikes quickly, I won’t have a Christmas story this year. The Elf and Cranberry Creampuff and Crimson Lace are available exclusively through Amazon.

A couple of closing thoughts. I hope your Thanksgiving was everything you hoped for and that your Christmas celebrations bring you peace, happiness, and hope.

If I don’t update again soon, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

heart shape multicolored stand

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Pexels.com