It’s nice to meet you in this virtual world.  Thank you for stopping in.  This is my first website, my first blog, and my first foray into the world as a soon-to-be published author.  My very first book, Heartache and Hope, is scheduled for pre-orders in June 2016 from Pride Publishing.  This is an exciting time for me as I begin this adventure.  Here is a little teaser about H&H

After heartache comes hope . . . 

At eighteen Kevin Monroe has learned that mothers don’t always love their sons, Dad’s fists can break your bones, and a closet gets mighty crowded with two.  After the boy next door breaks his trust and heart, Kevin departs Albuquerque, NM, determined to live his life out and proud as the man he is meant to be.  With Diamondback tickets in his pocket, Kevin leaves his heartache behind to pursue his long-time hope of entertaining as a drag queen.

Fear has ruled Raphael Delgado since he first realized he is gay.  Fear of discovery, fear that he can’t support his disabled mama, and fear he has lost Kevin forever.  Against a backdrop of familial love and obligation, Raphael struggles to find the courage to accept his sexuality, while hoping to leave the fragile confines of his closeted life.

While watching a Diamondback game on television, Raphael spots Kevin kissing a man in the crowd.  His first reaction is fear for Kevin’s safety and then fear that Kevin will never come home.

Can love be restored long distance?  Will love’s key be strong enough to unlock Raphael’s closet door?  And who is the red-haired beauty wrapped in Kevin’s arms?