Welcome to another Wonky Word Wednesday. This last week my mind has been on my friend Eric Arvin who passed away shortly before Christmas last year. He left behind a loving family and thousands of fans who treasured his body of work. His birthday was last week and my Facebook timeline reminded me how I have missed him.

His sister Angela posted a video from the memories he left on his FB page. In it, he thanked me for the birthday present I’d sent him. I was fortunate to see him wearing the shirt decorated with a steampunk owl. In the post, she mentioned that his niece, Serenity, still asks for her “Uncle Ergic”.

His mother’s post was poignant the way only a mother’s love can convey.

An author friend of mine, B.G. Thomas new book Blue is about to be released. On his FB page, he has requested pictures of cool blue things for a promotional contest. This reminded me I’d once made a video for Eric—Big Beautiful Blue World. His Aunt Sandy once told me Eric’s favorite color was blue, and that conversation spawned the video.

These, in addition to other birthday posts reminded me how much I’ve missed Eric’s presence on Facebook. Which in turn reminded me of something else. When he passed, I along with others, were asked to write a small “In Memoriam” tribute for inclusion in his newest book to be released from Wilde City Press. Before the book came out, Wilde City closed, and the book went into the hands of another publisher. For whatever reasons the memoriam section was not included, but I’d like to share it with you just because Eric’s been on my mind so much this month.

I confess, I didn’t read Eric’s books, nor did I meet him, except to say hello in a video chat with the infamous cue person, Pat Arvin. I found him by accident while surfing the Internet. After viewing his heartbreaking video “Living without Life”, I inserted myself into his. Through Facebook, our friendship blossomed. His mother and aunts became my SFAM (Sisters from another mother). In turn, he was my NFAM (Nephew from another mother) Our acquaintance made me a better person and for that alone—I loved him. Watching him face each morning with courage, grace and limitless hope was a privilege. I will forever be grateful to have known Eric. Last year he and I made a New Year’s resolution list. Top of my list this year—read an Eric Arvin book, it’s far overdue. Thank you, my friend for allowing me into your life.

You can find all of Eric’s work and his posthumously released book Terms We Have For Dreaming from Dreamspinner Press and major e-book retailers.