Good afternoon from The Land of Enchantment. I can’t believe how I’ve neglected my blog. When I began Wonky Word Wednesday, I thought I could manage a post at least every two weeks. Well, as the weeks went on, I realized I didn’t have anything monumental or noteworthy to say and blogging became a chore. I’ve been absent for a month-and-a-half and find I’m at a loss for words. Imagine the horror of being an author with no words to be found. *gasp*

You see, I don’t like conflict so I tend to keep my social media postings neutral. It’s like trying to maintain peace at the family dinner table on Thanksgiving. I try to avoid politics, religion and depressing news. Does that make me a boring person? Possibly, but then I only worry about pleasing myself. Selfish? Probably.
This is why I’ve stayed away from blogging. I’m a rambler, like a tumbleweed rolling along with no direction. Which segues into this little poem you can find in Hound and Harmony. Actually, it’s a song that Robbie’s composing after his break-up with his ex.

I’m a tumbleweed, rolling down the highway, searching for your heart.
A ramble bush ordained to travel on the will of the wind.
Destined to stumble without you by my side,
I’m a lost soul with nowhere to hide.
Must I keep tumbling down this road we call life,
forever to know nothing but strife?
You found me alone and hungry and offered to nourish,
me with your love tenderly given, I happily flourish.
Now I’m by myself, and moving on,
Unable to see past tomorrow’s dawn.
This tumbleweed keeps rolling down the highway.
Missing your treacherous heart.
My destiny’s a hollow shell while we are apart.
I’m a tumbleweed, rolling down the highway, searching for your heart.
A ramble bush ordained to travel on the will of the wind.

Though I’ve had a difficult time keeping this blog up so far, I’ve been writing. I’ve submitted a couple of short stories for anthologies. Limiting my storytelling to 15,000 words or less was challenging. My published books are between 75,000-92,000 words, so writing these pieces for an anthology was a new experience for me. Now the waiting begins, to see if they’re accepted. If not, the we’ll go the self-publishing route, which I got into with Darken Not My Soul in May. Look for the ad on Amazon Prime day, July 11th.

Coming up in October is GRL 2017. I will attend this year as a supporting author and look forward to meeting and greeting old and new readers and authors. You’ll find me at the table displaying my colorful logo.

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