Good morning from The Land of Enchantment. It has been awhile since I’ve updated this site for Wonky Word Wednesday. There’s not much going on in the writing arena. Two short stories, one which was rejected by the publisher. I will self-publish it sometime in November as it’s Christmas themed.  The other may appear in an anthology sometime in February, provided the publisher doesn’t revamp its organization again.

I was working on another short story that morphed into a novella. Hopefully, I will complete it in the next week and send it off to the publisher. Transcending Phoenix is my first and maybe only venture into the world of sci-fi.

Something happened the other day that I’d like to share with you. Last month I received a direct message through social media, and didn’t respond because I wasn’t friends with the guy, nor did I recognize his name. I was afraid that it was a racy picture; you know the kind I mean. So, I didn’t open it. But, I didn’t delete it and forgot about it.

Then, this week I received a message from someone else and when I opened messenger, I saw this old message. Feeling brave or perhaps in the mood for a racy picture, I opened it. Surprise! No, it wasn’t any anatomical depictions.

The message was from a nice man, named Pablo who had gone to the same small college as my FB friend, Eric Arvin. He was reminiscing because he’d once spent time in the dormitory common area talking books with Eric. Pablo was a foreign exchange student and only knew Eric for one semester all those years ago. They had kept in touch off and on through email and social media through the years, but when Eric got sick, they lost touch. Pablo was contacting me, because he had just read Eric’s last release, Terms We Have for Dreaming and he wanted to share his connection to Eric with someone who knew him. I don’t believe I was the best choice because so many more of you knew Eric much better than I. I forwarded his remarks to Eric’s mother, hoping they would bring her some comfort.

What is the point of me sharing this with you? Too often we expect the worst of people, when there are only good intentions on the horizon. Had I not opened Pablo’s missive, I would have not met him and remembered my friend through his eyes. It’s too easy to be cynical. Sometimes we must take a leap of faith and trust our fellow humans. As my friend B.G. Thomas says, “Leap and a net will appear.”